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01. Discovery
We start off by taking your inputs through an online questionnaire followed by multiple calls with you and the key stakeholders in your business to discover vital insights that we help us stitch your story.
02. Script
After doing the necessary background research, we come up with a beautiful narrative for the video that will address the key pain point you are trying to solve and your solution for your product/ service.
03. Style board & Storyboard
As per the script, we provide a few variations for the art style of the video such as character design, color scheme etc. Along with that, we also design the storyboard which is a series of sketches with information like camera angles, transitions etc.
04. Illustrations
We create all the graphic assets and illustrations such as character design, background design, asset design and finalize the illustrations framewise as per the storyboard.
05. Voiceover
We shortlist local and international artists whose voice might be suitable for our project and offer a series of options for you to choose from.
06. Animation
This is an important phase where we bring characters and assets to life with realistic animation and motion graphics. We also add music and sound effects to the video to make it more impactful.

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