10 Inspiring Corporate Animation Videos That Will Blow You Away

Discover how corporate animation videos play a crucial role in brand promotion and competitive advantage for businesses. These videos effectively showcase various aspects of a company to drive marketing efforts, with animated videos commonly found on corporate landing pages. Let’s delve deeper into this topic and explore some of the top examples of corporate videos.

An animated corporate video serves as a powerful tool for informing, educating, and entertaining customers while aligning closely with the brand’s tone of voice. These engaging videos enable businesses to effectively promote their brands, stand out from competitors, and communicate various aspects of their operations. Typically featured on corporate landing pages, these animated videos present ideas, features, products, and more, showcasing the company’s ethos, brand identity, and messaging.

Corporate animated videos are designed to educate the target audience about the business while maintaining their interest and attention. By utilizing animation, corporations can establish a relatable and engaging communication channel with their audience. This approach facilitates a better understanding of the company’s objectives, thereby encouraging potential customers to engage and transact with the business.

Why use animated videos in business?

To effectively engage customers and surpass competitors in terms of conversion rates, businesses can utilize animated videos on their landing pages.

Furthermore, incorporating an impactful corporate animation video can enhance a business’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, resulting in higher rankings on Google searches. This expanded visibility allows the company to reach a larger audience and accelerate its growth compared to competitors.

When creating a corporate animation video, it is essential to consider the target audience the business aims to reach. By tailoring the video to resonate with the intended audience, businesses can effectively convey their message and strengthen their brand identity.

Animated videos have the ability to capture and maintain the attention of the target audience. By focusing on the company’s products and services, animators can create a lasting impression and entertain the viewers, ultimately leading to increased sales.

In addition, business animations can transform mundane PowerPoint presentations into captivating experiences during meetings. Skilled animators can create videos that enhance sales meetings and other business-related interactions, effectively conveying information in an engaging and memorable way.

As per research, a significant majority of customers now consume online videos on a daily basis. Consequently, incorporating videos into digital marketing strategies is vital for businesses to effectively engage customers and remain competitive. It serves as the primary step in the sales process for any business.

Animated videos not only engage potential consumers but also provide them with essential information about a company. Therefore, it is crucial for the video to capture the viewer’s interest and drive sales.)

Animation offers the flexibility to manipulate scales and defy natural rules, making anything possible in animated videos. It allows for boundless creativity, enabling the realization of even the most complex or fantastical ideas.

Corporate animation videos can encompass different aspects of a company to effectively promote its offerings.

Corporate animation videos serve as effective marketing tools that assist businesses in conveying their stories and complex concepts to their target audience. They are a cost-effective and easily manageable technique for communicating key messages to the audience.

Animated corporate videos provide easily understandable explanations of how a product works and its purpose, simplifying the lives of customers. These videos excel at delivering engaging narratives.

In summary, animation videos for business refer to concise videos used across various online and offline platforms to generate demand, increase awareness, and promote products or services.

According to Explainify, a significant 84% of consumers make their purchasing decisions only after engaging with a brand video, emphasizing the significant impact of video in driving customer engagement.

Due to their larger workforce and dedicated budget for employee development and engagement strategies, corporate organizations often seek a series of videos that embody the company’s values or can be utilized for internal training purposes.

Best Animated Corporate Video Examples

To create a compelling animated video that effectively promotes a business, animators incorporate various elements of the organization. Corporate animated videos serve as powerful tools to capture the attention of companies, effectively showcasing their products and ensuring widespread visibility.

Here, we present a curated selection of our top picks for outstanding animated business videos. They are as follows:

#1) Google

Inspiring corporate animation videos is Google’s “News showcase” video.

Powerful message—telling viewers that a reliable source for news and information is right at their fingertips with Google News.

Google was able to tell a compelling story with this video that resonates with viewers. Not only that, but it also effectively showcases the product offering in an intriguing way that leaves audiences wanting more. All in all, this video is incredibly inspiring, and shows just how powerful animation can be for conveying corporate messages to audiences.

#2) Deloitte's

Chances are you have seen Deloitte’s corporate animation video on “The Future of Mobility”. It’s an incredible and inspiring piece of work that will definitely blow you away. Through a combination of stunning animation and powerful narration the video outlines how technology, such as autonomous vehicles, will shape our lives over the next ten years.

The video really captures the exciting possibilities that lie ahead while also demonstrating Deloitte’s expertise in this field. It does an excellent job of presenting the complex information in an easily digestible way by using creative visuals and music to illustrate the key points.

Deloitte has demonstrated how effective animation is for creating engaging content that resonates with their target audience. The impact of their animation video is clear, with the clip having been viewed more than 2 million times across social media platforms.

#3) Airbnb

Airbnb’s explainer video uses animation to showcase the benefits of their service.

The animation is stylish and modern, adding to the already compelling story that unfolds throughout this short video.

In just one minute, viewers are able to understand what Airbnb is and how it works. It explains all the steps from searching for accommodation to enjoying a stay—allowing viewers to easily get a comprehensive understanding of the service without being overwhelmed with information.

The whole thing comes together perfectly, with smooth transitions between scenes, awesome sound effects, and a catchy upbeat tune that makes it impossible not to be entertained while watching this video.

#4) Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory” animation video is here to inspire you! This video follows a worker in the “Happiness Factory,” who works hard to make everyone outside happy. The cheerful and creative art style will put a smile on your face as soon as you start watching.

This masterpiece of an animation shows us the importance of hard work and dedication, and reminds us that our efforts can bring joy to those around us. With its uplifting music and heartwarming visuals, this video from Coca-Cola is guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

The “Happiness Factory” animation video is a great example of how corporate videos can be both fun and meaningful. It was also incredibly successful—it won multiple awards and has been viewed over 10 million times! That’s a huge success for any animation, let alone a corporate one.

#5) Amazon one

Amazon One is sure to blow you away! The video tells the story of a young girl’s journey from her childhood home to the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The animation is a captivating mix of real-world elements with imaginative visuals and gripping audio. You’ll be immediately drawn in as you watch the story unfold from a child’s perspective—seeing her travel to the Seattle skyline and then to the majestic Amazon headquarters. You’ll be even more inspired as she develops into an ambitious entrepreneur, working hard to create her own business with Amazon products.

Amazon One truly captures the spirit—and potential—of entrepreneurship today, highlighting how anyone can find success when they put their mind to it. With its impressive visuals, stirring music, and inspiring message, it’s easy to see why this corporate animation video has become one of the most popular and beloved videos around.

#6) IDEO

Have you heard of social design? It’s an idea that studies how different design elements can affect people and communities. To demonstrate this concept, the team at IDEO created an incredible animation video called ‘What is Social Design?’

The video starts off with a fun and quirky tune to introduce the audience to the idea of social design. It then goes on to explain the concept in detail, using graphics and animation to illustrate the points. The visuals help viewers understand how design can influence society, from creating new technology or solutions to reduce pollution or improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

The 4-minute animation features a variety of characters who share their stories on how they’ve been impacted by social design. Through their stories, viewers can understand how changes in culture, commerce, technology and transportation can have a positive effect on people’s lives. From reducing waste to helping bridge the digital divide, this video will definitely leave you feeling inspired.

#7) Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a well-known name in the world of email marketing, and it’s no surprise that their corporate animation video is one of the most inspiring around. The animated video features an energetic soundtrack paired with a simple story about the power of using Mailchimp to create engaging campaigns.

The video shows how easy it is to use Mailchimp to bring ideas to life, from creating beautiful emails with a drag-and-drop editor to tracking performance and seeing real-time results. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and encourages marketers to work together with their team when creating campaigns.

The cheerful, upbeat vibe of this animation video really stands out, making it a great example of how companies can make an impact with corporate animation videos. It’s no wonder that this video has received millions of views on YouTube!

#8) Apple

Apple’s “Hello Yellow” campaign to promote their new line of products. This video features a yellow robot as its protagonist against a vibrant background, and it stands out from the crowd for its modern animation graphics and captivating music.

The visual effects used in this animation are wonderful, with the bright colors and 3D shapes used for the robot adding a unique feel to the video. The sound design is also excellent, blending together a variety of different sound effects that all work together to create an immersive experience.

Apple also included some clever Easter eggs throughout, like hidden messages on clothing tags or tiny hidden creatures on certain surfaces. The combination of these effects creates an immersive experience that viewers can really appreciate, and it captures the imagination as they watch.

This is just one example of how effective corporate animation videos can be when done right. From subtle easter eggs to stunning visuals, there’s something here for everyone – and Apple has set a high standard for corporate animations that other companies can aspire to replicate!

#9) McDonald's

Liven up your company’s marketing videos with a bit of fun. Check out what McDonald’s did with their Travis Scoot meal animation video, It takes us through a mesmerizing journey to see what it takes to make the delicious Travis Scott meal.

Award-winning creative studio specializing in animation, motion graphics and sound design. It follows a futuristic Travis Scott as he hops around the world to handpick the ingredients for his custom meal—and it looks pretty cool!

#10) FedEx

If you are looking for a corporate animation video that will blow your socks off, then look no further than the FedEx How to simplify returns video. In it, an animated figure explains the steps needed to make returning items easier and quicker. From choosing a return service to monitoring returns in real time, the animated figure guides you through every step of the process.

The animation also highlights how FedEx is using automation technology to make returns faster and simpler than ever before—saving time and money for customers. The video demonstrates how automated packaging and labeling of returns can be done quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks of the mouse. It also showcases the other benefits that come with automation such as being able to track shipments in real-time, understanding when products are delivered and ensuring secure delivery of sensitive items.


Prominent corporate organizations leverage videos to showcase their marketing successes, facilitate efficient learning objectives, and familiarize employees with the onboarding process. These videos encompass elements of organizational culture and administrative practices, such as computer logins, extensions, and email setups, to educate and empower staff members in carrying out both simple and complex tasks within the company. This approach ensures that employees are equipped to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Utilizing animated corporate videos as part of your marketing strategy is a powerful method to not only capture the attention of potential clients but also maintain their engagement, regardless of your company’s age or industry. The key to achieving positive outcomes lies in crafting a compelling narrative that evokes emotions and leads to a powerful conclusion. Create impactful videos aligned with your corporate goals by partnering with My Right Artist.

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